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Healthy does not need to be hard

As a working mother, I have learned that taking care of myself and my body is the most valuable gifts I can offer my family. Dakine Grindz was inspired as family and friends were struggling with balance in their lives. They needed assistance with creating healthy meals that were easy to prepare and enjoy.  As the owner of Dakine Grindz, I have an education and background in integrative and holistic health and nutrition. I have a deep passion for whole body wellness and holistic nutrition. I believe our body’s are miraculous and carry the power within to repair, energize and restore our ability to be in balance.  It has been my experience that when given the tools and knowledge to do so, we can live a long and healthy life by incorporating good quality food into our lifestyles. I want to give you the opportunity to live well by eating well. Stay rad!

 UPDATE: All subscriptions are suspended because of COVID. You can purchase single meals for local Alpine, CA delivery only.

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Our plans help you to feed you and your family healthy, flavorful meals with no cooking required. 

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